Send to E-Reader


This guide is how to send files to a device. Email settings are located in the server settings under "Email" in the left pane.

Set up the email to send from

The first step is to configure the e-mail that ABS will use to send the e-mail. The following steps are for a Gmail. If you use a different provider or self-hosted option, follow the steps for that specific email setup.

  • Enter the Host (for example,
  • Set the port (common ports include: 587, 465, 25)
    • If using 587 or 25, you will need to disable the "Secure" toggle
  • Set the "Username" to login
  • Set the password
  • Enter the From Address. Email address can be plain or with formatted name Name <>.
    • If using Gmail, the email address cannot be changed from the one connected to your account but a custom display name is supported.
  • Enter a Test Email, which is the destination address to make sure the test email is sent correctly
  • Press Save, then press Test

Email Settings

Add E-Reader

E-reader devices can only be added to ABS by an admin. Each e-reader device has a Name and an Email, where the Name is how the device will be displayed in ABS and the Email is the destination email address of the device. Newly created e-reader devices are only available to admins by default, but can be configured to be accessible by:

  • Only admins
  • All users excluding guests
  • All users including guests
  • Specific user accounts

Add e-reader

Common issues

If sending to Kindle, you will need to make sure the e-mail ABS is using is authorized to send ebooks to your Kindle email.