Setup a Library


This guide will help you to create a library in ABS. This guide assumes you have correctly configured your installation either in Docker or by compiling from source. Some troubleshooting tips are included at the end of this guide.

Screenshots are from an install of v2.2.0 in Docker.

Setting up the library

Libraries can contain either books or podcasts. To create a library file in ABS:

  • Create a library directory for either audiobooks or podcasts
  • Go to (1) Settings -> (2) Library -> (3) Add Library. This installation already has two libraries set up (named "Audible" and "Podcasts")

Add library

  • Set library paths. You can either type the path manually or Browse for Folder. If you have multiple directories where books/podcasts are stored, you can add multiple paths to the library. NOTE: There are issues with the "Browse for Folder" button on some systems, so you may need to enter the path manually if the button is not working.

Add paths

  • Modify library settings (you can edit these later)

Edit settings

  • You can also set a schedule to rescan the library for new books or changes. This periodic scan is disabled by default.

Periodic scan

  • Once you have created the library, you should see something like this.

Newly created view

  • You can create more libraries to either divide books or add podcasts. If you have multiple libraries, you can switch between them using the button in red. I went ahead and created a podcast library to demonstrate this.

Added podcasts to switch libraries

  • Now that the library is created, you can scan the library to have books added to the library. You can either do this from the home screen or the settings page.

Scan from settings Initial library scan from home


You should now have a functioning library! If you would like to automatically match metadata with an online provider, you can continue to [insert link].


  • If you get an error about "permission denied", the permissions of a folder are probably incorrect. This could be an issue with the library directory or the cache or metadata directory (most likely the library directory if you made it this far). Ensure the audiobookshelf user has read and write permission to the directory.