Collections are a method to organize books in your library. Collections can only contain books. This means they cannot be a collection of other collections, series, or authors. Books within a collection can be reorganized into any order, and you can keep track of what books in the collection have been read. Collections are public, so anyone who is able to log in to your ABS will be able to see all collections.

Screenshots are from an install of v2.2.0 in Docker.

Creating a collection

When no collections exist, you will be presented with a view similar to this.

Initial collection

Collections can only be created from book view. To do this, you can either do this from the library view or when viewing a specific book's details.

Collections from library Collections from book details

To add new books to the collection, you would follow the same steps to create a new collection, but instead of selecting a new one you simply click on the collection.

Add to existing collection

Editing a collection

Collections are viewed under the Collections tab. When viewing a collection, you will see the books in the order they were added to the collection. You can edit the order of books by dragging on the three horizontal lines to the left of the book (shown in red). You can also mark the book as read, edit the book details, or remove the book from the collection (shown in blue).

Collections view

Collection descriptions can be added or edited by clicking on the pencil in the corner, as seen below. Edit collection description