The best way that everyone can show support is to follow/star the github repo, test new features, open a discussion with ideas on how to improve the project. Join the discord server or our matrix space.

tagHelp with docs & guides

As you can see, this documentation could really use some support. We could use help with..

- Guides on installing audiobookshelf via docker or the PPA.

- Guides on setting up audiobookshelf like adding libraries, reverse proxy, etc.

- Guides on how to run the server and mobile apps locally.

- Translations of the web client and mobile apps.

- Any other ideas you have to help the community get familiar with audiobookshelf.

If you want to contribute reach out via github, discord or email.


This section will eventually give more info on setting up the project locally and contributing.

See this discussion on setting up the audiobookshelf server & web client.

See mobile app readme for setting up the mobile app locally.

PRs welcome and highly encouraged. Before working on an issue/feature you should post about it so we don't overlap.