This section aims to answer common questions related to the app.

Why can't I do X in the app?

Features are still being added and bugs are still being worked out.

The apps are designed to allow you to use the server, not manage the server. Some management functionality may eventually be added, but if you want to manage the server from your phone you will need to use the web browser. Note that some buttons may not show up in the mobile view due to the small screen and you will need to either switch to landscape mode or the Desktop view if a button is missing.

Something stopped working after an app update

Sometimes things behave weirdly after the app or server updates.

First, try clearing the app's cache, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This will require you to sign in to all servers again.

If your issue persists, feel free to ask in Discord/Matrix or look for an existing GH issue.

When will the apps be out of beta?

There is not an exact date as to when the apps will be out of beta. The apps will likely leave beta before all originally planned features are realized to allow more users to use the app.

Android has more features than iOS, but all of these features are planned for iOS (with no estimate on when any given feature is implemented).

A checklist tracking the main remaining bugs for the iOS app is located here. Please do not leave additional comments on this issue that are just requests to release the app, this has already been communicated in various GitHub and Discord discussions (see General FAQ).

How do I get an invite to Testflight/The iOS beta is full?

The iOS beta app is managed through TestFlight and is full. The beta has a hard limit set by Apple and cannot be increased by us (requests have already been made and denied).

Due to changes on Apple's side, we can no longer clear spots early from users who are not keeping the app up to date. Users who do not update their app are now automatically removed from TestFlight 90 days after every app release.

You can still use your ABS server using the mobile web browser to stream files or use a third party app to play back the files after downloading them (note this will not sync your progress to the server). If you would like to sideload the official beta app, you can look into using the AltStore or SideStore to sideload the IPA of the most recent app release. Note: Sideloaded versions of the app will not auto update, so you will need to manually check for app updates.

If you would like to join the iOS beta, you will need to try and join TestFlight 90 days after an app release to try and get a spot from users who did not update. You will first need to have the TestFlight app installed on your device. From that same device, click on the "Download on the App Store" link on this site. The invite code is embedded in the link.

Are there any 3rd-party apps?

We encourage the creation of 3rd-party apps by providing the Audiobookshelf API. Users are advised to exercise caution and discretion when using third-party apps, as their quality and security may vary.

This list serves as a means of discovering third-party apps. These apps are not affiliated with or supported by Audiobookshelf. Any issues with the apps should be directed to the app maintainers through appropriate channels.

OSApp NameProject LinkNotes
iOSShelfPlayer is a sleek and modern Audiobookshelf client, specifically designed for audiobooks, podcasts and iOS, as well as iPadOS.
iOSPlappa player for Jellyfin and Audiobookshelf, written in Swift/SwiftUI
Wear OSABS-wear Wear is a standalone version for Android Wear OS 4.0

I want to build a client app. What are the rules?

You are welcome to build a 3rd-party client for Auidobookshelf or add Audiobookshelf client integration to an existing app. Third-party clients are not required to be open source or provided for free.

Please adhere to the following:

  • Avoid using the Audiobookshelf name or logo in a manner that might suggest affiliation with the Audiobookshelf organization to users without permission from ABS maintainers.
  • The name Audiobookshelf should be written in one of the following ways: all lowercase audiobookshelf, first letter capitalized Audiobookshelf, or abbreviated all capitalized ABS.
  • Do not use the Audiobookshelf name or logo in any context that promotes or encourages piracy.