General FAQ

This page aims to answer common general questions.

Where can I get help?

  1. Join the community on Discord or Matrix.
  2. Go to the Github repo and at the top left of the page you can search for your issue.

I have a feature request. How should I bring this up?

First, check the GitHub issues. There are two repositories, one for the server and web client, and one for the apps. You may need to try a few different search terms because someone else may have used different words to explain what they wanted.

If your feature request already exists, you can react with the "thumbs up" reaction to the top comment. Please don't bump posts by just saying "+1" or "I also want this" unless you have something to add to the feature request. You can also express support for an existing feature request in Discord/Matrix.

If your feature request does not exist, you can create a new Feature Request or talk about it on Discord/Matrix.

How do I help with translations?

Contributing translations is a fantastic way to help make the project accessible to more people. All of the translations are provided by the community.

  • If you see a string that has not been translated or the existing translation is inaccuarte, you can edit strings in the corresponding language file.

  • If you're adding new strings, you can update the English en-us.json file with the new key and value. If you know the translation for other languages, you can update those files as well. Please keep the keys sorted in alphabetical order and do not edit the other language files.

  • If you want to translate into a new language, simply copy the en-us.json file and start translating the strings into your desired language.

Once you've finished your translation work, you can submit it for review. If you're comfortable with GitHub, you can open a pull request (PR) on the corresponding repository. If GitHub isn't your thing, you can share the JSON file on Discord for someone else to handle the submission.

There are two sets of translations: one for the web client, and one for the mobile apps.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of the translation process, don't hesitate to ask for help on Discord. Happy translating!